Friday, May 14, 2010


Busy. Busy little bee, I have been. Mothers Day, ball games, getting ready for vacation, laundry, housework,banking, and that thing called work. As much as I have rocked all that out this week, I can put most of this behind me for the next 10 days.

Here is proof of the clean house, so the house-sitter better have it looking this way when I get back! And I challenge you to find one spec of dust, cause I can almost promise you will not be able to.


Vacation. Sure, we have taken quick little jaunts over the border to California or a couple of 4 day trips to Vegas, which is just wonderful, and we are lucky to do .. but this folks is a real vacation with a whole bunch of beautiful blue ocean and palm trees alike. And a vacation that doesn’t come easy. There’s lots of research to find the best deal, then much debate of whether we should let that money fly out of our wallets, and then we need to call on that thing called work again to pay for it all. So, we are living and we are doing it and not looking back. We all work too much to just not reward ourselves at some point. So, after 12 years we will return to Maui and just live it up. I won’t worry about the piles of laundry I will have when I get home, or that forgotten vegetable that I left in fridge that will stink up the house, and I won’t worry about the hundreds of emails I will come back to at work, and other then posting a few pictures, my computer will be tucked away. Paradise is about to be had.

Mothers Day came and went with lots of smiles, tears and salsa. On this day we had 13 people pile into our favorite Mexican restaurant. And we all know that Mom is a crier and if you don’t make her cry with your card and/or gift then you have failed. Its kinda like a unspoken contest between us kids on who will be the one to make her cry. This time we all managed to do it. Just writing Madre on a card did the trick this time, and a beautiful heart locket and just simple cards, made it all happen this year. It was a short dinner, but between the chips & salsa, the littles entertaining us all, and the tears .. it was another great holiday together.

My Mom & Sister


Secrets with Casey & Grandma


And aren't those chips crunchy?!?


And am I related to this person? Just Kidding Gage.


Lindsay & Casey


My older brother Steve and his wife .. the parents of all the kids I show off.


My younger brother Mike or as I call him Miguel.


And its nearly impossible to get everyone together at the table, and have them all look at me, so this is the best shot I could get. And yes, my Dad is a freakazoid with a lime in his mouth.


And this is just fun.period. You have to watch this maybe twice. It will just make you smile. The faces of the shoppers are priceless. I have no singing voice, but hell; this would be so much fun to do. A spontaneous musical in a grocery store.

I just want to blog more and more. I’ll be driving and things come to me and then I forget. I will hear a song that reminds me of something, and I will think of something I should write about, and then I forget. I guess it’s time the carry around a trusty little notebook so I can jot down little things that come to me. But it has to a pretty little notebook, maybe a bright color, or colorful polka dots – yeah – polka dots it must be. I have a new mission. I’m loving the art of writing and of course the way these pictures are coming out and all the many options I have to edit these photos once they show up on my screen. Possibilities are endless.

A few randoms ...
Brothers Jake & Gage


Kev was able to join us for a weekend game, and he kept the littles entertained.


and precious little Casey trying to keep himself busy. Can you spot the buried truck?


Here are the top 10 things that are just making me happy this week.

1. Cotton Candy from the $1 section at Target. It’s so good and it taste better then the kind from the fair, and it’s made in the Good ole USA.

2. Elderly people that just walk around with a smile on their face. Priceless.

3. Passerby’s that actually wave or say Thanks when you stop for them to cross.

4. Bravo’s Real Housewives. Both the NYC and Jersey wives, I cannot watch the table flip, dirty prostitution whore scene enough times.

5. The abundant sunshine with pillowly perfect clouds.

6. My new black handbag that kinda looks like it should be a suitcase, but is cute and big enough to carry my camera around with me at all times.

7. Today. Having a day off alone to spend it however I want.

8. Casey telling me he missed me just after a short 8 hours from the last time I saw him.

9. Being able to turn on the air, because yes this means we are almost to summer!

10. A drink from sonic cause yes that ice just taste so much better than any other ice.


And my next project is to switch up my black & whites to some new photos ..


So now, please excuse me so I can shove as many tanks, flip flops and necessities into this luggage ..


xo xo xo .. Shauna

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  1. My favorite so far!!! Good Job Sis. Oh, and mom cried reading about her crying.... lol


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