Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Camper?

Yes, I camped as a kid. Camping as a kid was fun.
My Dad drove us and piled all us kids into the
back of his silver '65 GMC truck.
Loud tunes would play, and I remember this Willie
song playing along the way.
This song takes me back to the trip, every time.
That truck was cool, cause he could pull the
keys out while were driving and it would still go.
Oh the things that amaze us as kids.
We would see squirrels, eat what was provided.
We were happy, carefree ..........

Fast Forward 25 years .......

A true authentic camper, I am not.

All my life, camping represented dirt and bugs to me.

I'm a girly girl, so I say no to dirt and bugs.

But then girl met boy, and boy likes camping.


It all started like this:


Girl did not like this. I need to give myself some credit though.

I managed on four separate camping trips in this tent.

Roomy it was, bug free it was not.

Oh and when it says its waterproof, don't believe them. THEY'RE LYING!

And yes, I weathered a lightening storm in this with a major downpour.

And when I say downpour, I really mean it. Ditches were being shoveled
around the tent so we could stay dry and not float away.

Girl was not happy. What fun is in this, really? I swore to never do that again.


Sure, camping has it fun moments. Campfires, Smores and umm .. no housework?

But wait, I have a theory.  For this said girl, it goes a little like this:


1. Wake up

2. Cook breakfast (cause cereal just wont cut it when your camping.)

3. Yeah – time to wash all those dishes in a baby sink.

4. There is a little room here for a break, maybe an hour if your lucky.

5.  Goody, Goody .. Lunch time already?

6. Repeat steps 2 &3 above.

7. Another little rest.

8. Dinner time.

9. Cook & Clean up again. 

10. Get all cleaned up, showered, and ready for bed.

11. Oh wait – we have to have smores.  Another damn mess.

12. Clean up again. Better well shower again too, cause those smores are sticky and messy.

13. Bed time


See how much fun this is .. day after day.

Anyone that calls this a vacation, is nuts. Something must be seriously wrong with you!!



After a season of the tent, I talked boy into a trailer. 

If I'm going camping, we are going to do this in style.

We started off with a 27’ 5th wheel, and it made things

a little more manageable.  A real bed rather then a air mattress. Now were talking.

A stove, oven and fridge—this is true camping luxuries.  No more camping stoves and ice chests with floating bugs.

This helped matters a bit, but steps 1-13 still occurred daily.


Kid moved out, and now its just girl & boy. No more need for 27’ trailer, we down sized to 20’.

Might as well make this a little more cozy, and less cleaning up for me.

Oh and yes, we spent the last 4 months fixin’ this thing up.


It was all about me this time, I'm turning this camping trailer into a little traveling 50’s trailer.


Dark cupboards, no more.

Gross flowery floor, no more.

Blue velvet seat cushions were quickly thrown out.

Checkered floors, red seat cushions oh my.


Painted cupboards white with black trim.


Bathroom door is now a bright red.



Had to get matching silverware, so perfect right?



So much better then the tent, right?




Now, next time I have the big bright idea of re-decorating a travel trailer, slap me.
It was a real biatch. I would have never thought so, until I was twisted like a pretzel to get that four coats of paint on in every corner.

Its pretty now though, and I will be happily amongst the bugs and dirt, in style.

I do complain alot about it, but indeed it does have some great moments too.
Shhh ... don't tell anyone, but I secretly like the bike rides, crafts with the kids, visiting the lake, watching my Dad teach his grandsons how to start the campfire, useless talk around the campfire with family, cooking meals with love, and just being. And after all, its a smaller floor to swiffer :)

Now we just need to align our schedules for a camping trip.
oh joy.


  1. Very nice Kev and Shauna!!!!!!!!!!! Unc

  2. If I had that adorable trailer, I'd camp! (I don't do tents)

  3. Ok, that is just hilarious! Hint #1- go to paper plates, it helps cut down on the dishes! We camp for 2-3 days, but we do it with the fish! While our camper has a shower, I go without since the next tide is in what 2 hours and I still have to clean up 3 kids!!! Only to go out catch and kill more fish! Maybe this time the fish won't jump in the sand right as I'm about to cut his throat! Or maybe this time he won't jump right as I cut his throat and I get sprayed with blood! Come camping with us Shauna- come to the last frontier!! I love it! I am also secretly jealous of your camper, but don't tell anyone! Kuddos to the two of you! All these years I have known you and you always make me laugh!!! That's what I love about you!

  4. @Unc - Thanks!

    @Sara Louise - Thanks for the comments. Glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like tents ;) Shoulda seen when we almost floated away. Not so much fun!

    @Hester - Glad I made you laugh, its sooo my truth though. I do use paper plates sometimes. Luckily we are not fisherman or hunters, poor animals :( Hence the reason I am a vegetarian. Cutting throats and getting squirted with blood would cause me to have a heart attack. Glad your happy with your camping though, Ill stick to my 50's trailer!!!


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