Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Make Me Go ...

So I guess I have been a little spoiled.
My said employer offers the chosen employees
to work from home. What a great opportunity right?
Yes, I agree. I triple love. I've been a chosen one
for a couple years now, and it's so nice to just wake up
and start your day, and you can even stay in your PJ's
all day if you choose.

No, I've never done such a thing.
You can never prove anything anyway.

When it's time for my breaks or lunch, it's so nice
to hop into the kitchen to make lunch. It's nice to
go make some cocoa on a cold blustery day like today.
It's nice to check facebook, catch up on my
favorite blogs, and watch some TV online. And on the
warmer summer days, I can go sit on my patio
and share the breaks with Mr. Sunshine.

I have my own little home office, where it's just for me
and my little work life. Its cozy, it's bigger then a
cubicle and I don't have to give a somewhat fake smile
to all the passing co workers.

I prefer to work here.


Next week, I have to go back. For this thing called training.
I think I can learn on my own, but they disagree.
I will go from my homey home office to a COZY room
filled with 12 work stations and 13 people for 32 really
long days. I hear this room does not have good air
circulation. Really?

Me likey this better.


I suppose there's some sort of lesson in this, that perhaps
I will appreciate it a little more when I get back home.

P.S. For friends and family: your kinda screwed too cause
you can't just call me whenever you want and expect me
to pick up. Happy Days everyone.

I can do this. I really can. I'll be back in
my lil' space just in time for the New Year!

On a sweeter note ... Halloween is around the corner
and I got to fill a shopping cart full of candy.

I started off with buying 10 bags and after this happened,
I had to go get more.


Quit giving me that look, No I didn't eat it all.

They like shrunk the bags or something cause you get
maybe 10 pieces now if your lucky.


We get a lot of kids, really we do.

This is what 20 bags of candy will give you,
in case you wondering.


OK, well maybe not a full 20 bags, I did have to try just one.
Those new Butterfinger Snackerz things are good. Just sayin.

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  1. That is a ton of candy! But Im sure there won't be any left with all the kids you get!! What a bummer you have to go back to work for a whole 32 days, altho, i think you will survive. : )

  2. Cute office! I wouldn't want to leave either....hopefully your 32 days will pass by quickly.

    Lucky for me, we don't have to buy any Halloween candy because in the 10+ years we have lived here, we have never had one trick-or-treater! I used to buy a bag in anticipation of getting one, then eat all the candy when no one showed up. It's too tempting!



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