Friday, November 26, 2010


Life has been busy. Oh so busy. Haven't had time for much this last month. My employer has me overworked, so today I'm taking in the day. A paid day off that I am ever so thankful for. A day to do whatever I choose.

I'm thankful for the ability to kick my feet up on the cherry red table. I have the remote in one hand, the computer is not too far away, the fire is keeping my polka doted feet warm. And the phones are right next to me.

And there is no better way to start the day then to get a phone call from my dear friend Zoe who is only a ocean away. My dream trip to France is less then a year away, and I can hardly wait. I am thankful for the many conversations we have had in the past and the ones that are yet to come, where we will plan those two weeks.

I'm not about to embark on the whole Black Friday fiasco,
I choose to be here. This is my happy place.
This is how every day off should start.


And don't forget the cup of Hot Chocolate. Or two ;)
With extra whip cream of course.


Yesterday was a day of cooking and cooking and did I mention, cooking?
It was one of those days where it was easy to have your mind in 500
places at once. You know .. the times when the potatoes are about to
boil over, the phone rings, the bacon is almost burnt, and the microwave
is beeping and you still need to pull together the ingredients to start
the meringue. The trusty cook book has saved me time after time.
Thank you Mr. Cookbook.


I am so, so, so thankful for my kitchen aid mixer.
Long gone are those days standing over the mixing bowl
for minutes on end, hearing those beaters beat the hell out
of the glass bowl over and over, while you can only think of
everything else you should be doing.

How this thing has made my life so much easier.


And it never disappoints.
I ordered up some fluffy white meringue and
it delivered well.


and VoilĂ !
Lemon Meringue Pie.


They piled in full of smiles, all 17 of them.
Their stomachs were empty and they were ready.



Thinking there was enough food for an Army, but indeed
our fam soaked most of it up.


and food made with love of course.


Oh, and there was celebrations.
We sang, and when I say we sing, we really do.
I can't really explain it, its one of those
moments you would really just have to be here to
understand. Happy Birthday Dad.


Of Course, Mr Happiness was here.
He never disappoints. It's a given
that the first two things he asks me for
is Oatmeal cookies and toys! He was slightly
confused when I moved them on him, but confused
for long he was not. He was so thrilled to find
his Power Ranger costume that he ripped his clothes
off and entertained us all. And a Mickey Power Ranger
none the less! This lil' guy has stole my heart.


Thanksgiving quickly flew by, but I soaked it up.
The foods, the smells, the fam. So quickly over.

I'm not too sad, cause now Its all about Christmas.
And we celebrate big. Today is all about dusting off
the Christmas CD's and pulling out the decorations.
The countdown is on.


  1. Is this a plug for "Kitchen Aide"? Unc

  2. I had no idea you were finally getting to go to France, you've waited SO long!! When are you going?


  3. Jessica - I'm finally going to France this summer. Its a dream that has taken way too long to fulfill. Now I need to brush up on all the French ;)

    Unc - no plug for Kitchen Aide, just am forever thankful..

  4. Your little staycation on the couch looks heavenly! And a Kitchen Aid Mixer is definitely on my wishlist!

    And Skype is crazy easy! Just download it and you can call anyone you want on their computer with or without webcams. Skype is heaven sent for me living so far away from everyone. Check it out..


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