Saturday, May 7, 2011

Better late then never?

It's been a long time. A very long time.
Three months or so. And many of many raindrops later.
Stumbled upon 377 photos patiently
awaiting on my camera today.

Spring forward we have...
into our favorite rituals of longer days
and shorter nights. And thus,
better late then never, a new blog post.

Demanding work schedules, and this never ending love fest
of rain we have had, inspired a few weekend getaways.
A short drive South takes us to Sunny California, where it
seems you are always promised blue skies and a sunshine that
just turns you all golden. A trip to California is just not
complete without a piece of heaven. And if you have never
enjoyed a In N Out burger, you have simply not lived.


And a short drive Northeast, takes you to the snow sided roads
of the never ending forest. Its a drive where the trees
are taller then you can see, and the built up snow banks are
taller then yourself. Its a relaxing drive, one that inspires.



The husband and I have been sharing some time in the kitchen.
We stumbled upon the Kitchen Boss show on TLC. The show features
Buddy also known as the Cake Boss. My husband who has never cooked
a meal other then the rare grilled cheese while I'm sick, or the
occasional scrambled egg, has been inspired.
To say I'm thrilled is a understatement.
Secretly,I'm jumping with excitement on the inside!


We started off with some simple marinara and made enough
for an army, so the freezer is nicely overflowing with this
yummy goodness. By the by, this is the best marinara I've ever had ...

Recipes can be found here.


Baseball has been in full swing. My days are ending
with nothing but watching the Little's play. We have 5
Little's playing this year, so most weeks there is not a
day where one is not playing. I have so many more photos to share,
but for now a little sneak peek ..

Gage, covering 1st base.


And while they cheer on their brothers
and sister, they help keep us company.

Casey can always make you smile,
especially when the skies are grey.


Jake growing up way too fast, and keeps
us all laughing along the way.


Alyssa, melts our hearts over and over again.


And I leave you with this, cause in the end,
it's always about being the real you.


So much more to share, and lots more photos to come.
happy weekend.

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