Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak Peek

Life is swiftly passing us on by.
The week starts with a Monday and before I know it,
its Sunday night. How does that happen so quickly?

With a demanding work schedule lately, all my passions
have been put on the back burner. And when I say demanding,
I truly mean it. I often wonder why we all work our lives
away. Its that whole work/life balance we all need
to fine tune.

The husband and I were able to step out for a couple days
to only arrive out to the forest.
I wont bore you with all the details like the coffee pot making
the smoke alarm go off at 5 am, or the smaller bed we have in the
trailer then whenever you turn over, the blinds get slammed against
the wall. Nope, I wont bore you with those details.
Instead, I will share that my bike and I got re-acquainted and
The husband and I shared drinks over home cooked meals in
50's themed trailer.
Perfect it was not,but a much needed escape it was.
It worked.

You can read my previous
post about camping here.


My camera and I spent some time together this week.
I didn't realize what I had missed until I had the
opportunity to spend some time with these Little's.

Well, little he is not. Starting middle school soon, he is
ready to step into those shoes of the fine young man he is already
showing he can be.


And today, my afternoon was full of dancing, laughing,and a
couple of little girls all dressed in pink. Sisters in fact.
This is just a little sneak peak .. more to come soon!





I have so much to share.
So many exciting things on the horizon.
Birthdays of Birthdays have been had.
Many of Many more photos to share.
Coming Soon.

Off to schedule more time for photos, cause this is what
makes my heart smile ~ xo.

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  1. So cute!! Love the last picture of Katie, she is stunning. Little Alyssa is a beauty too. And, Gager, he is growing up way to fast - what a wonderful young man he has become!

    Katie says: "I like it, no - I don't like it, I LOVE it!"


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