Monday, February 20, 2012

Oregon's Everchangin' Weather ...

Each day is kinda like a surprise. We never know from day to day,
whether the sun will make it presence, or if it will just rain on
our parade. Those weather people on the news try to tell us -
only to fail us time and time again.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised this year.
After 15 years in Oregon, I have learned -
The good ole saying is true ..
"We're in Oregon, wait 5 minutes and it will change"

We have been overjoyed with some overly normal
warm days. Sun shining days, where we can open
a few windows and take in the outdoors, and watch
those sunsets, that are just Gorge -


And as those clouds start to roll in the next day,
we can be surprised by a random rainbow in our backyard -


And on the third day, we wake up to a whole lot
of this white stuff. Its pretty, and oh so cold.


Three beautiful days in a row, and in which
I'm blessed to be able to enjoy
all of this without leaving our home. However -
if I had the choice, I would choose the warmer.
I'm no fool - the sunshine has it presence.
The world is just a little more brighter that way.

Besides it gets the littlest of the Little's out to play -
Alyssa got to come play, and how big she is getting.
Smart girl she is - she has learned early on in life to not let
go of that death grip on her cookie.
Hold on to what you want girlfriend ....


Cooking makes the husband happy, and with our ever
changing busy work schedules, his favorite meal it not
made nearly enough for him - because seriously he would eat
this every day.


A little home made mashed potatoes &
Captain Crunch Chicken goes a long way in this house.
With me being a vegetarian, I have never tasted
the stuff, but he swears on it. It's golden color
tucked between those bean greens and taters
look pretty though.


Captain Crunch Chicken Recipe: I use boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders. I dip in a egg wash, and coat with crunched up cereal. I chop up the cereal in a food processor and grind it up until there are no more chunks. I fry it up in a little canola oil until golden brown.

I made a change to my website .. you can now find me by just going to

Happy Presidents Day - I'm off to enjoy the rest of my three day
weekend - hoping the sun will re appear soon.

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