Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun with Alyssa

Happy Monday. 
Weekends are never long enough,
and why does it seems Mondays
last forever?

This past weekend, I was lucky enough
to spend some time with my little niece Alyssa.
I don't get to spend much time with
these little's anymore, so when
I have the opportunity, I soak up
each and every minute.

Seems like yesterday, this little girl
was born. She recently turned 2, and
she has developed quite the personality,
She has the sweetest little voice, and
it just melts my heart each time
she calls me Nanu. Auntie Nanu .. is
what that all my niece's & nephews call me :)

We didn't have anything special planned, just
some time to play, and for me to annoy her
with the camera.   I think that's my job,
and I must admit it was nice to dust off
the camera and get reacquainted.

We stopped to smell the flowers, &
Isn't that what life is about anyway?

We cooked with lemons.

And of course, we made some make shift drums.
Add a whisk, a basting brush and a Mickey Mouse foot stool.
And drum. LOUDLY.
Yup, that's how we roll at my house.

She found her Uncle's iPhone laying around, and she
maneuvered that thing like she had her own. She took
her tiny hands, swiped that thing off the table, and
made herself comfortable up on the sofa.   Too precious.
Looks like shes done this a time or two.
Santa beware ... she may
be asking for an iPhone this year.

The rest of the afternoon,
was just spent having fun and
spending time together.
A few hours with a pig tailed
little 2 year old, sure does that heart good.

If you don't have a two year old readily accessible,
I suggest you go find yourself one next weekend.
They will make you smile, laugh, and really melt your heart.

Have a great week -


  1. Aw, she is very cute. Looks like you two had lots of fun!

  2. AWW Super Cute!! Love the one on the sofa with Kev's phone!

  3. I remember these days miss them ...another chapter now high school thanks for stopping by shauna hadn't blogged in a while trying to reconnect to the blogosphere lol
    Have a great week and stay posted for my giveaway

  4. She is absolutely adorable... love the pig tails!! :)

  5. I bet that was a fun (and tiring!) day. My niece is just under two and I soak up every possible second I can get with her :)

  6. Precious! Such great pictures... looks like a lovely afternoon :-)

  7. Fun, talented and a cutie! I don't have access to a two year old - but I hope to get working on that bit soon!!! xoxoxo

    New Giveaway on the Blog!

  8. Alyssa is super adorable!!!


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