Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Network vs Family

           One of the many beautiful sunsets  I get to see straight from my living room each night. I do not take it for granted.

Is your network of friends more important then your family?
As they say, Is blood thicker then water? I don't know anymore.

I grew up in a home and family where it was taught that family came first.
Yes, there may be a crazy one here or there, but it didn't matter.
You stuck to your guns, and you knew where your loyalty laid.
It wasn't even something you had to think about. Am I wrong?

Now that  I think about it, maybe I wasn't taught this.
Maybe it was just something I saw and followed suit.

At my ripe old age of 35 1/2, I've come to see that what you preach really isn't the case.
Is it one of those, Do as I say, not what I do speeches?

Maybe times are changing, and values are different?  I think that could be the case.

On the flip side, maybe some people really just don't like their family?
Their network of friends could be their newly created family?
I have a hard time digesting this though, no one else got to choose their family -
fair is fair.

I am not trying to be judgemental, I really just want to understand.
And maybe that's just it, maybe there is no right or wrong answer -
Maybe I need to come up with my own answer.

In closing, I would just have to say for me ...
Once you shun your family for your so called network,
don't expect my loyalty.
You drew your line. I saw it.
Happy Trails.

** Disclaimer: These are simply my thoughts and may or may not relate to my family.


  1. Buckle up, the gauntlet has been thrown. War paint is going on. Annihilation will be unavoidable.

  2. I'm a firm believer in family. I come from a tribe that backs each other up and is always there for one another, but my husband comes from a group of people that have barely resembled a 'family' for him, so in his case, a friend network is much more important and I get that. Luckily, he now has my family and he has begun to understand what being part of a family really means :)

    1. I grew up in a huge family and we all lived very close to one another. My husband? Notsomuch. I have been trying to get him to realize what living close to a large family can mean (for the good).

      p.s. Gorgeous sunsets these past few days!

  3. That's interesting - I grew up in a small close knit family. My sisters are my best friends. When I moved to Canberra I had my sister call up in tears because she no longer had anyone to do things with. I try to strike a balance. Being married also means that in addition to your family, you also have in laws and then trying to keep up with friends becomes tricky but I still try...I only have a handful of close friends, and they are like family....It's a tough one.


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