Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Giveaway ..

My sister Lindsay and I are hosting a giveaway.
Why, you ask?
No special reason, just cause we want to.
Tis the Season.

You can enter up to 5 times below!
Enter once if you are a follower of mine  via Google Friend Connect.
Enter once if you are a follower of Life as Lindsay via Google Friend Connect.
Enter once if you are my Twitter follower, you can follow me here!
Enter once of you are a Twitter follower of Lindsay, You can follow her here!
And if you are so kind to tweet about it, then you can enter one more time.
Oh, and your entering for a fabulous ...

Ok, come on .. what are you waiting for?

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Saturday, November 3, 2012


November, The month of being thankful.
Why is there only one day a year to celebrate being Thankful?

Over the last few weeks, here are some of my thankful moments:

  • For friends that are willing to take time they do not have to help you out in anyway possible.

  • For a co-worker who mails me a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants to pick up dinner, when there was simply not enough time in the day to cook.

  • For technology, the way a message can arrive to me within a second from another country is simply amazing.

  • For the way you can pick up the phone and re-connect with a family member where there has been years of distance, and it not be awkward.

  • For hospitals, that have damn good hospital food.

  • For employers, who sometimes just understand.

  • For people that can just keep it real, and not feed you a bunch of BS.

  • For my iPad that travels well, to let me research extensively wherever I may be.

  • For Google, you have forever enhanced my life.

  • For Family, that comes together when it matters.

  • For complete strangers that are still so kind.

  • For my strength, wherever you come from, I have no idea.

  • For Facebook, and the way it allows you to check in with a lifelong friend.

  • For my husband, who helps pick up the pieces when I need it the most.

  • For my nieces & nephews, that can make me smile in whatever situation we may be in.

What are you thankful for?

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