Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Sweet Friday ... You have arrived, thank you Jesus!

Dear Trader Joe's ... We finally became reacquainted. I know you've been in the neighborhood a few months, and I'm sorry it took so long to visit. I was just waiting for you to get all settled in and all. I know I waited till the busiest time to arrive, and your other visitors were kinda rude since they felt like they owned the place. I will ignore that this time around, since I fell in love with your coconut oil. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you must look it up on Pinterest.

Dear IRS ... I have gotten over the fact that you already take so much money out of my paychecks, but now you want MORE?  Not OK IRS, Not OK.  

Dear Chipolte ... You don't impress me much. When you put corn in your salsa, you've gone and lost me.

Dear Oregon... I have now lived in your lovely state for as many years as I lived in California. Sorry Oregon, I will still call California home. You lost me at all the damn rain, but I do love that there is no sales tax here.

Dear Vacation Time ... I know that we just got scheduled yesterday, but I am sure we will find something amazing to do during our 17 days away from work.

Dear Followers/Friends ... We are almost to 100 followers!  I will have to come up with a giveaway to celebrate that soon.

Enjoy the weekend people, we deserve it!!


  1. I had my husband take me to Trader Joes for the first time when we were in Cali a few years ago--LOVED it almost as much as I love California. Which area did you live in?

  2. i hope you find something amazing to do with your vacation time!! i can think of a few places i would love to go haha :)

  3. Yay for vacation time and yay to 99 followers!! Hope you break 100 soon, it's an exciting milestone!! xo

  4. Trader Joes is awesome. The closest one to me is about 30 miles away, so I don't go there all that much. They have some amazing trail mix. Good luck on 100 followers.

  5. Dear Trader Joes: Please come to France soon.


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