Saturday, May 25, 2013

That Red Bird

I am not the naturey type. I'm not that into animals, ask anyone I know and they will tell you the same thing. I pretend to ask interested when people tell me about their love for their animals, because that's just the nice thing to do.  However to me they are noisy, licky, and basically just another thing that needs to be fed each day. My parenting days are over, and I'm perfectly content just making sure my husband and I have food to eat.

OK, well let me back up a minute. I love a cute squirrel running up a tree, and I do love me a pretty German Shepard, and well lady bugs are cute too.

I recently went on vacation to Florida, (more on that later) and well the animals are abundant there.  I was lucky to not have a run in with an alligator, and glad to know that the signs posted for Panther crossings are just there to make you wonder, and nope, didn't see any snakes either.

But what I did see was pretty cool. Maybe it was just cause I had the time to sit for hours at a time to just look, or maybe they just caught my attention this time. We stayed at the beach house, well its not really ours, but I like to pretend it is. We just rent it when we go there. At this beach house, they have this really great screened in pool. So perfect for me, no bugs or animals can get in. Someone was pretty smart when they thought that up.

I would lay in the pool every afternoon while the husband preferred to take a nap. I would watch the squirrels run across the telephone wire like it was no feat at all. That's pretty amazing in itself if you really stop to think about it.  How can they do they do that with their two feet and bushy tail? They would run across that thing and run up a palm tree to their favorite branch or maybe its called a big leaf, I don't know - well anyway they would sit there endlessly and just nibble without a  worry in the world.  Another day, I came across a bunny in the yard. So cute and friendly too, I would talk to it, and it would look at me and their little ears would perk up. Don't judge me, If you were alone in a pool, wouldn't you try to talk to a lonely bunny too?  The birds were endless, constantly singing to  me.  I also saw a flying duck, is that normal? My husband doesn't seem to think so. But we saw that thing fly up to a tree and then I guess gallop or fly to higher branches. And I say gallop cause it sure didn't look like flying to me, because it is really loud and not graceful when it would  fly. In any case, that was a first for me.  The geckos. There are millions and they are everywhere. They make me a bit jumpy at first cause well in Oregon we don't have constant little lizards running around us, but they grow on ya. They are cute, and nice, and stay out of your way. I kinda miss them. And well then there was that red bird ..

Have you ever seen a red bird? I racked whatever sort of things  I have filed away in my brain, and I couldn't think of a single time I have seen a red bird. I've seen pictures of say a cardinal, and of those cute colorful birds that talk but have never seen one. It was the cutest thing I ever did see. It wasn't a real red, but more like a tropical red with a yellow beak. I did look again real hard to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It zipped by, and then stayed a few minutes on a nearby bush, and flew around like I wasn't sure to miss it, and then it was gone. It was our last day when the said bird showed up. It really touched me, I don't know why. Remember I am not the naturey type, why did I care about this bird so much? I took it as a sign of something.

Within hours of coming home, I started Googling a red bird. And well a Red Robin came up. Honestly, I didn't know that existed other then the great burger place you go to. And well yes, it matched the pictures. But of course the one I saw, was much cuter then any photos I could find. I then started to find out what sort of meaning there is when a Red Robin just shows up... and what I found was beautiful. It means all of these things and more: Joy, Hope, Clarity, Renewal, Pleasure, Simplicity, Happiness, Satisfaction, Rejuvenation, Contentment, Bright future and New beginnings. All of these exactly mirroring exactly what this vacation was to me. A clear sign from this little birdie that all things are good.

I am not really that type of person that is reading into signs, and what this or that means, but this time I did. This just brought instant gratification that what I was feeling and thinking was all good and right on point.   I think in this little life we gotta pull from the small things, and for me it was the little bird. Life is hard enough as it is, and I am going to start pulling from the easy things, the small things. Life might just be a little less harder. Just maybe.

And sorry,  I didn't get any pictures of any of these lovely animals, or the special conversations with the bunny, because I just wasn't brave enough to take my camera with me on that pool raft. But according to a Google Image, this is what a Red Robin looks like, but just remember my Red Robin was way cuter.

Happy Weekend -
Look for the good, the easy, the small things.


  1. I hope the robin brings everything that it promised :)

  2. Beautiful picture! I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Check out SunShine PenPals and join the fun! We'd love to have you!


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