Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just Beachy

Good Ole' Naples, Florida. It has won over my heart, not once, not twice but perhaps forever. It all started a couple of years ago, and we were blessed to go back again this year. .

There is something about the Ocean. Its calming, Its healing, Its just beautiful. There will never be enough words to fully describe all that it is. We arrived with no agenda, only a rental car reservation and a beach house ready to be occupied. We went day by day, only making plans as each day made its arrival. The only thing we knew, is we wanted to reunite with the sea.

And we did. Reunited we were. Some mornings we nestled into a spot for two on a public beach, and other days we drove and found hidden beaches tucked back into neighborhoods.

Naples is known as a retirement community, so it has a  calming and relaxing feel with a whopping 266 days of bright sunshine a year, and that will always sound better to me then the 196 days of sunshine here in Oregon. Like on this day, you can show up to a public beach and there will be no one in sight.

For me, there is just nothing better then sitting and watching the waves come and go. Its  healing in a sense. I believe the tides reflect our lives, bringing in the new and taking out the old.

These perfectly white colored birds would just prance along the water line, following the rush of the waves, and I would watch them for hours. What a life. Sign me up. I'm sold.

Each night we visited Barefoot Beach, for sunset and this sign got my attention each and every time. The sea turtles are abundant. I looked eagerly each time, not only under our car but I was the crazy one looking under everyone elses too. I was determined to find me a turtle, and I finally did ..

Isn't he cute?

The sunsets never disappoint. Each night, it told a different story. One night it would have a little attitude, or another it would want to sit in solitude and show its simple beauty. It would tell us goodnight, each and every night,  in a closing statement kinda way. Telling us to put that day to rest and start again fresh the next.

Attitude or Simple beauty, take your pick. I'll take any of them and be perfectly content.

A couple of days we did get a little adventurous. My husband, my sweet husband decided he wanted to do a Jet Pack adventure on the water. My husband is the adventurous one, and never seems to amaze me with what he wants to do next. I was not so much up for the challenge, however he had a blast!

Another day, we signed up for the Dolphin Explorer boat trip. This truly was one of the highlights of this trip. A must do for anyone, and I will be going again when I go back to Naples. A few hours on a boat with a handful of people, just watching the dolphins swim and play. We saw 17 dolphins that trip along with the most gorgeous birds.

The crew were so knowledgeable and it was just a wonderful trip. I would of paid 4x the price for this trip, it was just that wonderful. The boat left out of Marco Island, and they showed us around some of the mangrove islands.
We stopped at one of these remote barrier islands, and the Captain instructed us to walk across it. He let us know it is only 8 miles long, and a short walk across it. I am not really into walking through the wilderness or perhaps this remote barrier island with mangrove trees doubling my height,  so I was already a little leery, then the Captain continues to say once they saw a panther on this island, but the panther didn't really bother anyone. My husband and I kinda looked at each other, and we were not sure what to do. We stayed back on the boat, as the other passengers walked off and starting walking on this dirt path, and we followed. We certainly were not going to be the first ones, but we followed along. I was looking up above me, along each side of me, walking very close to my husband, and this quick walk lead to me to the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
The path ..
This is Keewaydin Island. This picture does not do it justice at all. The clearest, warmest beach with the whitest sand. The perfect mix of blue and green in color. Its a remote island so you can only get there by boat. For once, I'm glad I was a follower. I took a leap of faith, and all that followed was beauty. So from now on, when I'm asked where my favorite place is, it is this, Keewaydin Island.
This trip was everything I needed. The clarity, the beauty, the therapy. From the Red Robin, to searching for Sea Turtles, to watching the waves push out the old and bring the new, to the quiet beaches, to just being and living. The little things work for me, sun and water,and one day I will call this place home, but until then it will be my  home away from home.
A few more pictures ..

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Hope Summer is treating you all well -
xxx Shauna

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