Friday, November 8, 2013

Spice Cabinet Makeover

Maybe I am have been spending a few too many late nights on Pinterest. Or maybe the truth is I am a little OCD and like things organized and to look nice. In any case, its probably a little combination of the both.

Its been  getting colder, Its been raining, and the days inside are becoming more the norm then being outside. So, it was the perfect time for me to tackle this project.

I searched for hours and hours online for the perfect spice jar. I thought I had found it at Crate & Barrel and I eagerly awaited my shipment. Once I ripped open that box, I quickly realized that the 4 ounce spice jars I ordered were not really the 4 ounces I had pictured. They were too small. So the search continued, and I just couldn't find the perfect jar.

It wasn't until a trip to California a few months back, that I gently dragged my husband into a Cost Plus World Market. It had been years since I had been in there and it was like heaven. I may or may not have spent two hours in there. As we browsed the aisles and the cart was getting fuller by the minute, there they were ...  The perfect 6 ounce Round Spice Jars.

I grabbed all they had. I was even happier when I saw the price, not even $1  a jar. It couldn't of been more perfect. I brought them home, and sent them for a little whirl through the dishwasher.

Next, I had to tackle the labeling. As I searched, I found that the self adhesive vinyl was the best option for me. You can make these labels yourself on a Cricut or I have seen them for purchase online.  And turquoise was the perfect color, for no better reason other then it looked pretty and made the lettering stand out.

Putting these on were a little tricky, and patient I am not. Some could of been a little straighter or a little better centered, but I'm not OCD enough to pull out the ruler while I was doing these. I think all in all, they came out pretty nice. And the handful that look a little crooked, got nudged to the back of the cabinet.


Lastly, I just had to fill them up. And I will kindly suggest to use a funnel of some sort because if you try to just shake those old spice jars into these ones, they may slightly spill all over your floor. Not that I would know, I'm just saying.

My Mom asked if I then put them away in alphabetical order. She's a little funny. I didn't quite go that far, but they are in rows of color. If I need parsley, I know to look for the green row.

I know cooking is a little more enjoyable when I open that spice cabinet and see all the pretty jars. It was nice to take the time to do a little something that will bring me a smile or two when I'm slaving over the hot stove!

Happy Friday.

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