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I have had a few requests to post some of my secrets here. I have the reputation of getting some great deals, and so I will share a few things I do. It’s very common to have one of my brothers open my pantry and be shocked on how many items I have stockpiled. They smirk, laugh and shake their heads at me when I tell them I have gotten so many things for free. I have been asked many times over to teach people, and as much as I wish I could, I simply do not have the time. So, I hope this helps point you in the right direction, and if you have any questions, please ask away.

We all work hard for our pennies, and I have a hard time letting go of each one of them unless I know I am getting the best deal. When I find a great price on something, I stockpile. This would explain my 20+ boxes of cereal or 40 bottles of salsa in my overflowing pantry, and did I mention I have enough shampoo for a year?

Here is a sneak peak of some of my stockpiling..

I’m not going to lie; this does take some time and devotion. I do this because I love it, and it’s a hobby for me, and I love to save money! I get the biggest thrill walking out of a store paying a big fat ZERO for things. In some cases, I even get paid to take items out of their stores!

In the southern Oregon area, our ads and coupons are released in the Wednesday and Sunday papers, so this is where you will need to start. I subscribe to the daily paper only because I can get it for a little over a $100 a year, and this is by far cheaper than going and buying it two times a week. Try calling the local office of your newspaper and asking for the lowest possible subscription rates, this is how I do it. It’s almost 50 % off of the advertised price for me.

Coupons are also released on the Internet for printing. Some good sites for printing are Smartsource and Many times you can also find coupons to many of your favorite brands by visiting their website. I’m a regular Target shopper, and they also release their own coupons on their website. Coupons are released weekly on these sites, so always check back. Also, another big thing I do I buy coupons on eBay. I will only buy non-printable coupons on eBay (printable ones can sometimes be fraudulent). When a coupon is released on a regular product I buy, or on something that is on sale, I will go over to eBay and in most cases you will find auctions selling multiples of that coupon for pennies on the dollar.  Example:

Tide releases these coupons every so often for $1 off any size. I know that some of my local stores sell the trial or sample size of this for $1, so when using the coupon for $1 off, it’s free! I found a lot of 20 of these coupons over on eBay for 99¢. So, getting 20 loads of Tide for 99¢ is a great deal for me.

Most people do not realize you can use two coupons on one item! You can use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one item. So say, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, or Target releases their own coupon on an item, you can also use a manufacturer coupon with it.

Example .. Target released this coupon for $1.00 and then there is also a manufacturer coupon for 75¢ off, so on 1 bottle of Shout you will be able to save $1.75. So this week, I will pay 22 cents for this product, and this will for sure be a stockpile item. I will print as many coupons as it allows and buy accordingly. On some sites, a print is only allowed twice, so if you have more computers in your house, you can print twice from each computer. I ended up buying a wireless printer and set up each one of my computers to it, so it’s a lot easier to print from each one.

 Do you facebook or twitter? These are a few of my favorite sites that post great deals as they come up, so you don’t have to do all the searching. Some of the sites will also post deals once a week for your favorite stores based on the store ads and the coupons that are available. Check these sites out and follow them on facebook and/or twitter and catch deals as they become available.

Mojo Savings
Thankfully Thrifty
MoneyWise Moms

Sometimes when I can get great deals, I go a little wild when stockpiling. We cannot use everything I get, so on a regular basis a visitor does not leave here empty handed. I like to share deals. A few times a year, we gather extra food items, along with toiletries I have gathered from hotel stays, and make up some goody bags for the homeless. We pick up some umbrellas from the $1 store to add in there too. We keep these bags handy in our cars for when we come upon a person that needs a little pick me up. It’s a great way to give back and pass along some great deals to everyone.

My deals do not stop at shopping for food and necessity.So here are a few other things  I do for travel deals, and Internet shopping.

This is how we got our great deal to Hawaii. I always check TravelZoo first, but I don't stop there. I always check Expedia,Travelocity and Hotwire too, cause all sites will have different prices and they change constantly. The lowest fares I have found are posted between Tuesday-Thursday and either early in the morning or late at night is when you will find the lowest prices. Also search through Google, Bing or Twitter until you find the lowest rates. When shopping for Airfare, be sure to check out the airlines pages too because sometimes they are running specials that are only good on their site. For last minute hotel needs, Roomsaver can get you some low rates on hotels. is the lowest I have found for car rentals, and keep checking back cause the prices fluctuate alot.

 I always link through Mypoints first so I can gain points for my purchase. These points add up and also gain me anywhere from $300-$500 in giftcards a year. Be sure to let them know “ShaunaWyrick” referred you.

Check out Retail Me Not and/or Current Codes for any coupon codes out there for your favorite online retailers. Coupons range from free shipping, free items with purchase, or just plain money off, which works too.
P.S - Retail Me Not also has coupons for food places too. I have found coupons for Quiznos, Pizza Hut and Marie Callendars.

Hope someone gets good use out of this information.
I would love to hear if anyone saves money based off what I have shared.
Email Me!

Good Luck.

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